Worldwide Brands Review

I came across WWB or better known as Worldwide Brands back in 2005. It was like a breath of fresh air because back in the day, drop shipping directories were a dime a dozen. There was just so much scam going on in the industry that it really brought a bad name on the entire drop shipping industry. However, Worldwide Brands stuck to their guns thanks to Chris Malta’s (Founder of WWB) leadership and here we are today almost 10 years later.

As someone who use to run a drop shipper directory and was a competition for Worldwide Brands, I can assure you that it’s not easy finding a drop shipper. It’s not that it requires some special technical knowledge or a master’s degree in business, but the grunt work that goes in finding every single drop shipper is extensive and truly time consuming.

Let me break down the process . . .

It’s All About Proper Research

It all starts with proper and deep research. If you want to find a drop shipper, you need to know how to find them. When I started, I was just using Google. If you’ve used Google or any other search engine, you know how much time goes in finding a company that drop ships. Plus you really have to know how to search as well. Since I’ve been a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) for almost a decade now, I found them but man was it hard to find these guys.

The reason is most companies are not experts at marketing online, so even if they have a website, they don’t know how to optimize it and what not. Bottom line, it’s hard and downright impossible. However, with the recent popularity of dropshipping and social media, it is much better than when I got started. That is for sure.

So unlike WDclub, Worldwide Brands goes straight to the source to find drop shippers. While I was just searching for drop shippers on Google, The WWB team goes to hundreds of actual trade shows and meets product manufacturers face to face. This is where their team tells the company about the online opportunity of offering drop shipping to people just like you. Bottom line, WWB goes straight to the front lines to make sure you get fresh new companies with fresh new products that you can drop ship. Now that’s how you find real wholesale drop shippers.

Are They For Real

Next step is to verify if the company that claims to drop ship is actually real. As someone who has started many eCommerce websites (I was the lead SEO for a 90 million a year company that did nothing but drop shipping), I can assure you that a lot of companies (Especially a new one) jump on the drop shipping band wagon thinking that tons of sellers will rush to drop ship their products. If they don’t find any, the drop ship program just disappears. Most times within weeks!

It was really heart breaking for me because if I did find a drop shipper, they would just disappear. Then I would have to go through the annoying research process and find another one. Most times I wouldn’t.

This is where Worldwide Brands is a real winner. They don’t just find real dropshippers who have a legit history of selling and being in business, they also make sure that nothing in their very own database is outdated. Chris Malta and his team really went out of his way to build a phenomenal product that thousands of online sellers are currently using.

On top of that, the companies that WWB let’s in their database has to pass a certain criteria. Not every new company or new product makes the cut so to speak. They are big on quality and that’s what has kept them in business and made them a true industry leader.

Learn The Entire Business

My personal favorite part is the free information and knowledge that Chris and his team has been giving out consistently. The eBooks they’ve released have been downloaded well over 300,000 times and rightfully so. At one point Chris was even hosting his own radio show about running an online business through Entrepreneur magazine or something.

So when you start working with Worldwide Brands, you will not only find real drop shippers and certified wholesalers but tons of proven information that you can apply to create your own successful online business.

On A Whole Another Level

One thing about dealing with a drop shipper is you never know if the product is going to be available for drop shipping. It’s just part of the game. However, if your customer receives it later than they thought they would, and if you were selling on a public forum, I can almost guarantee that you will get a negative feedback (Especially if you are selling on eBay or Amazon).

Well Worldwide Brands has a solution to that horrible dilemma as well. They actually guarantee that the drop shippers that they have in their database will deliver their products on time. It’s called the “Wholesale Scam Protection”. This means that you work with QUALITY companies who consider your timely shipment their bread and butter. If a company doesn’t consider you a ‘partner’, they just don’t make the cut. I love that about these guys and how much importance they put on quality.

You Are In Good Hands

In a world where drop shipper directories are a dime a dozen and the chance of losing your hard earned money is even more, Worldwide Brands are truly in a league of their own.

They are certified by eBay, the BBB (Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating) have been feature in Entrepreneur magazine, Practical Ecommerce and even the National Geographic channel.

At The End Of The Day . . .

Comparing WDclub or any other directory to Worlwide Brands is just a joke. They are like NASA of finding dropshippers. Nothing comes close. I could have said the “Bentley” but their are NO Mercedes, Porsche or even a freaking Ford Tempo in this market. You get what I’m saying?

These guys are the best, there is no middle service that you can use that even half as good. There are either scams or these guys and that’s it.

If you are smart, you would at least give Worldwide Brands a try. Especially if you’ve already tried to find drop shippers on your own. Trust me on this, if you want quality, you have to take action on it. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and get stuff done.

I’m very proud to tell you guys about Worldwide Brands and I hope you get a chance to try them out. As a smart person once said, there is no shame in losing to the best and these guys are exactly that. So stop wasting time, have some kahunas and let’s change that life of yours :) Rejoice, you are now rolling with the good guys :)

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